Trattoria is a kind of mosaic of Italian life. The harmonious combination of various forms from a rustic tavern to a classic restaurant, from a bar to a pastry shop, allow our guests to get a complete picture of the versatility of Italian culinary art. Home-made tasty food, high level of service, pleasant atmosphere and surprisingly reasonable prices.

Our goal is to delight our customers by providing authentic Italian dishes made from the highest quality varieties. Salads and appetizers, soups and main dishes prepared according to traditional recipes, which we brought from different provinces of Italy. Who was in Italy, will never forget the small restaurants of Trattoria, scattered throughout the country. Those Italian feeling of home comfort, hospitality, sunlight, the smell of Italian bread (focaccia) and pizza, all this can now be found in Kharkov. Among the restaurants and cafes of our city, a real Italian Trattoria appeared – a small corner of sunny Italy in a bustling city.

Our Trattoria gives guests a happy opportunity, without leaving Ukraine, to taste real Italian family cuisine. You immerse yourself in a pleasant atmosphere and friendly atmosphere. We will provide an individual approach to each client, a rainbow welcome, home comfort and excellent service.

The main principle of our Trattoria – the highest quality and performance of dishes, combined with impeccable service. No preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers! Natural products, including fresh fruits and berries, give our guests amazing delicacies to taste, and the relaxed Italian atmosphere invites to romantic dinners and family holidays.

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